Songline Labradors has relocated to Port Alberni, BC.  We are easy to find and access and look forward to continuing to place happy puppy in a happy home!

Welcome to Songline Labradors

Thanks for visiting us on the internet.  The dogs love having their photo taken.   My labrador home is located on 2.5 acres on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia.

I  strive to breed healthy happy sound labradors that possess the true Labrador tempernment; a lab that can go from the show ring, to the field, to the obedience ring and finally to the couch.  I breed on a limited basis.  All  litters are planned in advance to continue to build on my particular lines.  I certify that all of the dogs are clear of both hip and elbow dysplasia, through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).  I also have our dog's eyes examined yearly by a board certified Opthalmologist (Cerf testing), to guarantee absence of eye disease; as well I genetically test for PRA (Progressive retinal atrophy) through Optigen. 

I raise all of the puppies right in my home amongst the day to day sights and sounds of a busy household.  While I keep puppies for my show and breeding program, I recognize that most of my puppies will go to be someone's special pet, that is why my motto is "Labradors to be Loved By".   I hope you enjoy seeing the  dogs on the internet.  Feel free to check the puppy page for planned upcoming litters. 

I do not make huge waiting lists as this often leads to disappointment.  Please check on my upcoming litters page for updates.  

Colleen Doll and the Songline